Mission & Vision (Kids 4 Kids Hockey)

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kids_for_kids_big_logo_no_bg_500by246.pngArticle 2: Aims And Objectives

2.1 To plan, organize and facilitate a youth minor-hockey tournament, as well as other activities to benefit non-profit organizations who focus on youth in the City of Kingston, Ontario. 

2.2 To ensure that all activities provide fun, recreation and healthy enjoyment for the participants.

2.3 To encourage fair play, sportsmanship and skill development for all the participants.

2.4 To foster a spirit of good will and camaraderie among all participants emphasizing good character and citizenship.

2.5 To establish and maintain a healthy level of communications among activity and event organizers, participants and the general public.

2.6 To promote and foster tourism in the Kingston area in cooperation with the Kingston Economic Development Commission, Kingston Accommodation Partners and Tourism Kingston.