Tournament Rules (Kids 4 Kids Hockey)

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kids_for_kids_big_logo_no_bg_500by246.png TOURNAMENT RULES updated: March 2024

1. This Tournament is sanctioned by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA). Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), rules and regulations will apply.

2. Body Checking:

There will be NO BODY CHECKING during this tournament in any Division.

3. Team managers must:

  • If possible prior to the start of their first game, register with tournament headquarters (Invista Centre) and pick up team grab bags. If this is not possible, immediately after their first game or contact tournament organizers.

  • Report to the individual arena tournament office prior to the start of each game.

  • Register a phone number with tournament headquarters, through which they can be reached at all times during the tournament.

4. Each team must be prepared to start each game up to 10 minutes early if the ice time permits.

5. Only players registered for the first game will be eligible to play the remainder of the tournament (exceptions will be made if the team has only one goal tender and that individual is unable to play. (Normal affiliation rules will apply). A replacement goalie MUST be marked as an AP on the Team’s Official League Roster Sheet or Card from the Head Office of the OMHA, HEO, etc., may also be from a lower age division at the same playing level, 

6. Players can play on only one team in the tournament. (Except in the case of an injured goalie).

7. All decisions made by the tournament executive shall be final and without appeal.

8. Dressing rooms shall be assigned to the team manager upon registration for each game.

9. All games will consist of (3) 10 minute stop time periods. Regular Round Robin Games will be curfewed at 50 minutes.

i. Note: At 45 minutes into the 50 minute time allotment, if there is more than 2 minutes of game time on clock, the timekeeper is to switch from stop time and run 5 minutes of straight time. The only exception is if the mercy rule is in place, and straight time has already been initiated.

10. During the Round-Robin segment of the tournament, points will be awarded as follows: Teams will be awarded points in the following manner: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

11. Teams in each pool with the most points will advance to the next round. If teams are tied, ties will be broken as follows:

  1. Refer to the game played between the teams - the team that won the game will be awarded first place. If still tied.

  2. For two or more teams tied, formula Goals for (GF) divided by Goals for + Goals against (GF+GA) will be used to break ties. If still tied

  3. Scoring Differential for games between tied teams, If still tied

  4. The team with the least goals allowed in all round-robin games, If still tied

  5. The team with the lowest number of penalty minutes (misconducts count as 10), from round robin games, If still tied

  6. A toss of the coin by tournament chairman or designate.

12. Mercy rule - To promote sportsmanship in the Tournament, a maximum of a five goal margin in a Round-Robin game will be used in the calculation of a tiebreaker and games will be recored to the scoreboard and website as such. In the event that there is a five (5) or more goal difference at anytime during the third period of a Round-Robin game, the game clock will continue to run. The only time the clock would stop is during a Referee signaled injury timeout. During run time, a two (2) minute penalty shall be assigned three (3) minutes on the score clock and a five (5) minute penalty shall be assigned six (6) minutes on the score clock.  IF goals margin drops below 5 then revert back to Stop Time.

13. In the event that a team either forfeits a game or fails to complete a game, a score of 3 to 0 will be recorded and the winning team will be awarded two points for the win.

14. "Quarter Final, Semi Final and Championship Games"

At the end of regulation time, tied "Championship and Semi Final and Quarter Final" games will be played in the following manner, to determine a winner:

'sudden-death' shots will be taken to reach a decision.

ONLY the players on the ice at the end of Regulation Time will be allowed to participate in a sudden death shootout.

The referee(s) will direct the players on the ice at the end of regulation play to line up at the centre ice line, one behind the other, with each team facing the opposition goalie. The Referee(s) will go to the coaches and be Handed the Team Shooting Order for the players on the ice. The first shooters from each team will take their opportunity simultaneously. If required, then shooters two, three, four, and five. If required, the order of Shooters will be repeated.

If a team is short-handed at the end of regulation time, their shooters will rotate in this manner, 1,2,3,4, then 1,2,3,4.

14. Tournament Format: The Tournament Convener reserves the right to change the format of the tournament should it be deemed necessary.